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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 04, 2012 ) Sherman Oaks, CA -- Today, music legend and former Evanescence front man Ben Moody launched a new website, In it, he shares his experiences in new band We Are The Fallen, his vision for Studio 119, and offers fans a vision into his world, via his transcendental blog, The Paradigm.

    Ben, whose illustrious career includes producing, songwriting, and collaborating with artists including Avril Lavigne, Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson, has launched the site to interact with fans and ruminate a wide range of topics.

    “My site has been designed to engage and encourage discussion on anything and everything,” says Ben. “From guitar solos to religion, science fiction to trans humanism, there are an infinite number of theories and ideas in the world. I want to share my ponderings about life on a universal level, and encourage others to join the debate. People say my thoughts and reflections are leftfield; I prefer the term ‘curious’.”

    In addition to this open forum, he discusses on the Ben Moody Website his unique stage concept, Studio 119. This hub provides artists a solo stage, streamed live to the web, and allows viewers unparalleled access to private, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Questions are taken from viewers and posed directly to the artists, in this amazing and personal environment.

    “We wanted to give the viewer a combination of a highly intimate interaction with our artists, as well as the opportunity to chat in real-time,” continues Ben. “We wanted to say to our audiences: ‘You have a voice. The question is…do you have anything to say?’” is a repository of insight and information into Ben’s career so far, and includes links to previously-unseen photographs and his extensive back catalogue of music. Tracks can be streamed direct from the site, or purchased along with other merchandise on the Ben Moody Merch Store.

    Ben, who launched We Are The Fallen in 2009 featuring previous members of Evanescence and American Idol 7 Finalist Carly Smithson, also offers fans a range of media in order to stay up to date with additions to his site and the schedules of him, Studio 119 and We Are The Fallen. Click here to Like Ben’s Facebook or Follow Ben on Twitter for more information.

    About is a comprehensive website detailing the life, thoughts, and past, present, and future works of legendary rock star Ben Moody. The Paradigm is Ben’s personal blog, covering a range of eclectic topics in an inimitable style. For more information, visit, like Ben’s Facebook or follow Ben on Twitter.

    Contact Information
    Ben Moody - The Paradigm
    15260 Ventura Blvd
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    United States

    Ana Busta

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 05, 2012 ) London, UK -- The blogging for business tips recently released by business blogging advice website,, is likely to interest entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking at ways to enhance their online visibility.

    The following 3 blogging for business marketing tips are strategies consistently used as part of the $1K A Day In 60 Days Blogging System, that thousands of business owners and everyday individuals are currently taking advantage of. More information available at

    * Long Term Blogging For Business Strategy – “Business blogging is a long term strategy. Results are not seen overnight and as a result people quit too early without giving themselves a good chance of success. If you make sure that you write at least one blog post before you do anything else that day then after 3 months you will have nearly 100 pieces of content out there on the internet all getting traffic to your business blog.”

    * Keyword Research – “A blogging approach should not be to just to use one main keyword and try to rank on Google for that. But to do keyword research and find lots of variations of that keyword that have lower competition,” said

    * Content Syndication Strategy – “For each blog post you write you can write a press release it, make a YouTube, post it to article directories, and also document sharing websites. The more platforms your content is visible on, the more traffic you will get.”

    For more information on how these blogging for business tips are being used by thousands around the world as part of the $1K A Day viral blogging platform, visit

    About is a blogging for business marketing site that helps entrepreneurs get more traffic to their website. Consistent daily action on long term “evergreen” promotional methods is at the core of the teachings.

    Press Officer

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 04, 2012 ) Baltimore, MD -- With divorce rates not decreasing any time soon and any other types of legal needs going anywhere but down, the request for lawyers is getting bigger and bigger every day. Because people need legal representation and they are searching for it online, tapping into this constantly growing flow of hot leads on the internet and optimizing online presences so that they appeal to both customers and search engines is exactly what The Search Ninjas do best for a year now. Their functional and appealing web design services highlight the importance of establishing a good reputation online for lawyers and law firms.

    “I started my business a year ago with one thing in mind- offering superior web marketing and customer service to our clients. One year later and I'm happy to say that we haven't lost focus. All of our clients (plus a few more) who signed up with us a year ago are still clients, and all of our clients are extremely satisfied with the results we've been able to obtain for them, especially considering that their past providers failed to deliver for a number of years” says proud owner George Murphy who has offered legal SEO for lawyers and law firms for 4 years now.

    The essential step in setting up an attractive and functional online presence, web design services provide the strong call that converts a simple website visitor into a loyal client. However, having established a navigable and appealing online presence doesn’t mean the challenge is over: besides getting new clients, lawyers must make sure they stand out among the crowd and this cannot be done with average techniques. The Search Ninjas specialize in designing and developing lawyer websites that are not only great-looking and appealing to the eye, but also fully-optimized for major search engines.

    From Google Places/local marketing to website design and development, The Search Ninjas team has experts to carry out every aspect of what establishing a good online reputation involves: search engine optimization, social media consulting, Pay per Click and Display media advertising, local marketing and website development. Aside from these effective marketing strategies, The Search Ninjas also provide training on the best social media practices and lucrative content generation methods.

    To receive a free case consultation and to find out how exactly The Search Ninjas can optimize your online presence, please contact The Search Ninjas and start building a strong client base.

    About The Search Ninjas
    George Murphy, founder of The Search Ninjas, has been in search engine optimization for over five years. Most recently, he was the Director of Web Marketing for Foster Web Marketing, a website design and search engine optimization firm for lawyers. At FWM he helped hundreds of solo attorneys and small law firms obtain page one, number one rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

    Contact Information:
    The Search Ninjas
    1541 Light Street Second Floor
    Baltimore, MD 21224
    United State

    George Murphy

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 04, 2012 ) Houston, TX - British Petroleum states that 40% of all claims received and paid were filed by individuals requesting between $10,000 and $25,000. They also stated that claims to go beyond $250,000 represented only 5% of all claims, but as it turned out, the GCCF decided to settle first the claims worth less than $25,000, leaving the larger ones unresolved for a long time. Considered by many a strategy to convince businesses and individuals to settle for less money, there appeared to be less uniformity in the GCCF claims procedure than what they let people to believe, not to mention the amount of paperwork and time it took for a claim to be resolved.

    Now, the GCCF is closed, people resort to a trusted service provider, Deepwater Horizon Settlement, to help them receive compensation for being victims of the April 2010 oil spill. Since the unfortunate event, millions of individuals living in the gulf area have been affected by the damage resulted from the oil spill. The sufferers include residents, business owners, boat captains from Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Theoretically, people are entitled to receive compensation for their lost money or business, but the claim filing process wasn’t always as smooth and streamlined as it is today.

    Victims of the oil spill turn to to find out how to fill out correctly their claim, how to avoid denials, what is the BP claim status and what is there to be done once they have submitted a BP application. So far, this program has helped thousands of people file their claims and receiving the compensation they deserve.

    Getting money for the losses suffered in April 2010 requires filing a claim, but not all claims are accepted and not all sufferers are getting their money. In case claims get rejected, Deepwater Horizon Settlement puts the claimants in contact with specialized attorneys who know exactly how to handle the process from this point on. They know how to organize the information contained in the claim and what are the prerequisites to make the BP claims process fast and secure.

    Instead of waiting for many months, sometimes years to receive compensation, victims of the BP oil spill have found it to be much easier and faster to do the filing process through, and that is because all information is accurate, easy-to understand and to the point. To find out exactly how to file a claim and what to do in case of denial, please visit

    About Deepwater Horizon Settlement
    Deepwater Horizon Settlement has helped numerous victims of the April, 2010 oil spill get paid by the GCCF and British Petroleum. At Deepwater Horizon Settlement, they believe in following the legal steps and providing legal assistance to get victims’ claims paid.

    Contact Information
    Danziger & De Llano
    440 Louisiana, Suite 1212
    houston, tx 77002
    United States

    Paul Danziger

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 04, 2012 ) Houston, TX - With the GCCF closed and the newly-established Deepwater Horizon Settlement program, individuals and businesses that have been affected, whether physically or financially, by the oil spill are now able to take advantage of a more friendly and transparent claim filing process. However, there are still a number of complexities and documentation requirements that must be bet by every claim in order to ensure a good outcome, and will explain every detail and complexity of this apparently difficult process of receiving compensation.

    The difficulties are commonly experienced by businesses that are not located within the areas designated as being part of the settlement agreement. If businesses located in the specifically designated areas are considered directly affected by the spill, the businesses and individuals situated in the proximity of these areas must follow a special protocol to prove that in fact the Deepwater Horizon incident of 2010 is indeed the cause of the economic losses they have suffered.

    In a word, businesses are required present clear proof that they have indeed experienced a loss in revenue in 2010 compared to their financial data from other periods in the past. What they must bring to the table are tax returns, which will be closely scrutinized by claim reviewers to observe specific patterns and to establish the eligibility status of each claimant. In fact, there are many documents that should be attached to the file and that can influence the outcome.

    Deepwater Horizon Settlement assists every claimant to fill out their BP claims accordingly, attaching all needed documents and taking care of every little aspect. This way, the chances of having the claim denied will be significantly lower, and the hassle and effort almost inexistent.

    The Deepwater Horizon oil spill and explosion has permanently changed the lives of thousands of fishermen, oystermen, clammers, as well as businesses and tourism. Several businesses have been closed, homes foreclosed on and a lot of people afraid to consume seafood and other products from the Gulf, causing the seafood sales to considerably drop. There’s no telling how many years will be necessary for all sufferers to restore their lives and regain their balance, emotional and financial, but will speed up the process and make sure every claim is approved and all claimants are considered eligible for compensation.

    To get a free case consultation and receive assistance filing a BP claim, please visit

    About has made an effort to reach out to claims groups and claimants and help them better understand the BP claims process, and keep all informed of new changes being made. They do this to help people get the results they truly deserve and get your BP claims paid. If you need any help, or are just looking for a few answers, go to

    Contact Information
    Danziger & De Llano
    440 Louisiana, Suite 1212
    houston, tx 77002
    United States

    Paul Danziger

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 05, 2012 ) Chicago, IL -- The website has released a detailed comparison between Apple’s iPhone and the Droid. In a review titled “Best Cell Phone – Apple iPhone or Motorola Droid?”, the cell phone review website seeks to establish the Best Cell Phone among the two by looking at the features of each and the key functionalities that differ in the phones.

    The webmasters begin by indicating that there are currently two major players in the cell phone market, namely the iPhone and the Droid which are the very cell phones that the phone and tablets website is reviewing. So which is the best phone? Phones and tablets says that several online cell phone reviews seem to agree that the Motorola Droid Razr Max is perhaps the best cell phone in the market. The Verizon’s Maxx is ranked first, ahead of the HTC One X by AT & T which most cell phone reviews have placed in position two. Apparently Apple’s iPhone 4S is ranked in third position by most professional online cell phone reviews, coming two places behind the Droid.

    The phones and tablets website has detailed the various features of both phones under comparison-the Apple iPhone and the Motorola Droid. The Droid has a long battery life, with 3,300mAh which enables it to run through the rest of the day hence eliminating the need to keep charging every so often. In fact the web masters have labeled it one of the longest lasting batteries among smartphones of this level in the current market.

    The Droid equally has a powerful processor, with 1.2GHz capacity, a dual core processor, 1GB storage capability and LP DDR2 RAM. The Droid’s display is huge, measuring 4.3 inches. The screen is ultra huge, multi-touch, Amoled and advanced. These are some of the features that have been compared alongside those of the Apple iPhone to bring out the Droid as the best smart phone in the market, as per the phones and tablet review website.

    About Phones and Tablets
    Phones and Tablets is a cellular phone review website dedicated to conducting intensive reviews of some of the best cell phones in the market. It seeks to educate consumers and direct them to quality cell phones.

    Kevin James
    (217) - 344 - 6395

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 06, 2012 ) Zurich, Switzerland -- Specialist watch designer, Jean Pierre Edmond, has revealed a brand new range of automatic luxury Swiss made watches that has just been added to his collection at

    According to Jean Pierre Edmond, the watches provide an original and modern design, combined with a luxury finish.

    “Our watches are a perfect fit for the modern day man who likes to live life with style and adventure. The original and luxury designs are perfect for both business and leisure,” said Edmond.

    The latest range of watches, designed for the man with a daring spirit, is as follows:

    * Pure Collection – This modern design has a clean, minimalist feel.

    * Booster – The Booster collection comes in the style of a diving watch.

    * Cape Horn – Named after the sailing passage of the Cape Horn, this elegant design pays homage to brave sailors of the past.

    * Pole Guardian – This 24 hour watch is designed to withstand extreme conditions of high latitude. It also features an exclusive dial design for the 24 hour clock.

    * Black Diamonds – This version combines the class and luxury of diamonds with an adventurous and sporty style.

    The movement of the Swiss made mechanical operation can be seen through the black sapphire glass of each watch.

    With this range of automatic luxury Swiss made watches to choose from, men will no doubt be able to find the perfect item to match their personality and unique sense of adventure.

    For more information on these additions to the Jean Pierre Edmond collection, visit

    About offers a range of luxury Swiss made watches from specialist designer, Jean Pierre Edmond. The watches come in a wide variety of different styles that provide an innovative combination of the feel for both luxury and sporting adventure.

    Press Officer

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Austin Movers Reviews

    Austin Movers - Vosco Moving Company

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 05, 2012 ) Austin, TX -- This was announced by Kaleb Coleman, co-owner of Vosco said that the company recently received a lot of glowing reviews from customers and clients. These positive reviews have put them at the head of the pack of other movers in terms of online reviews and reputation.

    After Google updated its rating system recently, Vosco got a score of 27 out of 30, making it 97% higher than all other companies online. The good news came at a time when Vosco, one of the most popular Austin Movers, just completed another wise move – opening its second branch in Austin. With two locations, the company can now serve even more people who are looking for a stress-free way to move.

    As Coleman explained in his short YouTube video (see side bar) , moving can be a painful experience with the wrong kind of movers. At the wrong hands, your precious things could be destroyed and valuables can be lost, giving you a lot of headaches and heartaches.

    Vosco takes the pain out of moving without costing a fortune. Its professional moving services and dedicated staff ensure that your things are moved safely and quickly at the place you want them to be. Whether you're moving from Austin or within Austin, Vosco will help you with your residential or commercial move. Packing boxes and storage facilities are also provided.

    About the Company:

    Based in Austin, Texas, Vosco Moving Austin LLC offers a wide range of services that include furniture moving, piano moving, residential moving, apartment moving, office and business moving, auto transport, packing-boxing, unpacking and unloading, and just about any other service for Austin movers. For more information, visit

    Julian Farley
    512) - 750 - 4247

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 09, 2012 ) London, UK -- Internet Network Marketing leading earner and co-founder of the widely renowned Empower Network, David Wood, recently had a close encounter during a swimming excursion in Costa Rica.

    In the incredible video footage, which has just been published in full at the Empower Network blog, viewers can see David Wood and fellow Empower Network member and Costa Rica resident, Justin Verrengia, attempting to swim against the current in what at first appeared to be a tranquil waterfall.

    According to Wood, he learned a valuable lesson that day, which he hopes will encourage others to take heart as they pursue their business goals and dreams.

    “Just like you can’t fight the current (the water wins), you can’t build your dreams until you are aligned with a powerful force that is moving in the direction you want. A lot of people take a surfboard out in this profession, and try to ‘force’ a wave into existence that just isn’t there. If you want results you have to plug into a model that is actually working,” said Wood.

    As part of the blog post in which the video was posted, Wood goes onto explain how the Empower Network is making big strides in the network marketing and internet marketing industry and empowering thousands of everyday people to improve their business and personal life.

    To see the full video footage of this internet network marketing genius nearly drowning visit

    About has a UK Empower Network team that has a focus on using tried and tested traffic generation strategies to help online entrepreneurs build their own internet network marketing success from home.

    Press Officer

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Forte Properties

    What is Owner Financing in Real Estate

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 06, 2012 ) Austin,Texas -- Today, a low credit score prevents people from qualifying for a bank mortgage, which makes buying a house an impossible to achieve dream for many individuals. In the current battered housing market, houses that remain stagnant on the real estate market due to financing issues can finally be bought or sold with creative financing solutions such as owner/seller financing. This creates outstanding advantages for both the buyer and the seller.
    For sellers whose houses aren’t being sold, Forte Properties aims to provide the needed assistance by listing the property for sale through owner financing and finding buyers who are searching for owner financed homes specifically. Conversely, buyers are also helped finding and buying a house without having to qualify for a bank mortgage. By simply taking the role of the financier and extending the needed amount of credit to the buyer in the form of real estate lien note (minus the down payment), the seller becomes the bank.

    A useful tool in the current tight real estate market, seller financing has become the best solution to moving properties faster and receiving a greater return on investment without having to wait for a bank mortgage approval. Buyers of Austin real estate will enjoy flexible rates, less stringent terms and better conditions through the home-buying process. Options that would otherwise not be available for them to consider.

    The real estate agents at Forte Properties are trained and experienced to help with the actual inner workings of what owner financing transactions involve. “As a real estate market expert, my goal is to guide both, sellers and buyers, into making the right owner financing decisions”, explained Forte Properties Realtor, Chris Casperson. “Owner financed homes are a better solution for today’s economy and is a true benefit to the seller and the buyer combined.”

    Searching for Austin homes on the go is now possible with the recent release from Forte Properties, the myAgent real estate search mobile application developed for iPad and iPhone. The app allows users to access all listings of owner-financed homes from their phones. In addition, the location-aware search will list the 25 closest properties near the user and will also allow easy contact once a decision concerning a certain property has been made.
    Individuals who plan on moving to Austin Texas will find Forte Properties to be a reliable assistance provider for individualized services, area orientation, home buying basics and home financing assistance.

    “First, I love my new home!” exclaims Marvin R., a happy customer of Forte. “There are many companies in Austin that sell owner financed homes, but after visiting Forte’s website and speaking with them, the decision on which I was going to use to help me find and purchase my next home was easy. I could not be happier with the level of service I was provided. Chris is a true professional and I would not even consider calling anyone else if I were to ever buy another home. I give Forte Properties my highest recommendation!”

    About Forte Properties

    Forte Properties is a full service Austin real estate company offering a wide range of services. Their sales professionals, real estate experts and owner finance specialists are well-trained to handle all types of residential real estate needs. Their Owner Finance coaching and consulting services were created to fill an obvious need in the Austin real estate industry. They stand as a team of experts for whom buyers, sellers and even real estate professionals can turn to if they have questions about any aspect of the Owner Financed home buying or selling process.

    Contact Information:
    Forte Properties

    7800 Shoal Creek Blvd
    Austin, Texas
    United States

    Chris Casperson
    (512) 981-6865

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 06, 2012 ) Decatur,Indiana -- Today, specialist e-commerce company focused on the wide range of commercial and personal towel racks available, Towelracked, announced an extension of its coverage.

    The unique website,, scours the web for the widest range of towel racks on sale, whether for businesses or home use, and provides product reviews, features and direct links to seller sites. The latest addition to its vast range of product sectors include poolside towel racks, which site Owner Mike Liechty say are perfect for families or at hotels.

    “These are typical of products that you never knew you needed until you had used them,” said Liechty. “For families with small children, this product range is a blessing, as towels and wet costumes can be hung to dry, but it makes a handy place to hang goggles, armbands and even bags of juice and snacks!”

    Poolside towel rails could also be provided at private villas, holiday homes and hotels, to provide an extra level of comfort to guests.
    The full range of towel racks on includes over 15 categories of rack, such as heated towel racks, wall mounted towel racks and the popular and stylish ladder towel racks.
    “As with any type of online shopping these days, there are hundreds of products in disparate places all over the web,” continued Liechty. “We’re just trying to make it a bit easier for the public by consolidating different suppliers and categorizing the towel racks into easy groups, to simplify the search and purchase procedure.”
    Each product description contains an overview, a description of the finish, dimensions, mounting requirements and product materials, as well as suggestions for capacity.

    “We’ve got links to over 90 products at the moment, and we’re always adding more,” concluded Liechty. “Whether you’re looking to complement your wrought-iron bathroom decorations, you want to dress up your guest bedroom, or you just want to maximize the storage space in your home, we guarantee that we have a solution to fit.”

    The website links directly to Amazon where viewers can order products for delivery as early as the following day.

    About Towel Racked is an online catalogue of over 15 categories of towel rack. It collates information from sellers all over the web, and provides a description for each rack along with installation requirements and dimensions, as well as links direct to the stores or sellers. For more information, visit

    Contact Information
    318 17th Street
    Decatur, Indiana 46733
    United States

    Mike Liechty

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 07, 2012 ) Currie, MN -- The website has published an elaborate review of “Pregnancy Miracle”, the revolutionary book by Lisa Oslon, which is purposely created for the millions of women around the world who are faced with the challenge of infertility. According to the creators of the website, the Pregnancy Miracle book is addressing very important and often obvious things that unfortunately most women either ignore or don't accord sufficient attention.

    The ebook review has also given an extensive background on Lisa Oslon, explaining what exactly motivated her to create the ebook and why she believes this is the best answer to the challenges that infertile women face. Lisa faced the same infertility challenge a few years ago, but she refused to accept that she will never give birth. Determined to get her own children, Lisa embarked on a long journey that eventually bore fruits and saw her give birth to beautiful children. Lisa's journey was one of discoveries that exposed her to a series of secrets and lessons that often left her amazed on how things that looked so simple could actually be the reason for most of the pain that infertile women go through.

    According to the lessons and secrets that Lisa discovered are enormous, and aware that several women around the world are going through the same challenge, she made it her responsibility to share the secrets with fellow women and help them break from the chains of infertility. This is why she created the pregnancy miracle book, which has received wide acceptance with those who have used it saying it is truly revolutionary.

    About Pregnancy Miracle Review
    Pregnancy Miracle Review is a review website that is exclusively dedicated to the review of Pregnancy Miracle book by Lisa Oslon, with the aim of empowering all infertile women with important facts that will guide them into the contents of the book.

    Nancy Costello
    (341) - 897 - 3901

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 09, 2012 ) London, UK -- UK based make money blogging tips website,, has just announced that they believe that people should write for themselves as an entrepreneur and not for others as an employee.

    It is the Empower Network viral blogging system that is the way forwarding according to

    “With Empower Network you will make money blogging in the UK because you are building a long term, evergreen business as an online entrepreneur. The traffic you get to your blog is easily monetized because when people join the Empower Network via your blog posts, you will get paid for this,” said “You can build up an automated residual income with this method compared to simply exchanging time for money as an employee in a blogging job in the UK.”

    The following were identified as the main advantages to make money blogging in the UK with Empower Network:

    * Viral Money – “Empower Network has built in Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus One sharing options which means well written content could go viral and get thousands of visitors to your blog. This will mean significant money, but if you wrote the post for someone else then they would get to cash in on this and not you,” said

    * Residual Income – “Each blog that you write is always available via the Google search and this can get traffic to your blog for years to come. When people see the Empower Network banners with your affiliate ID embedded in them, then you will get credit for the sale and legible to receive monthly recurring commissions for this.”

    Readers looking to make money from blogging in the UK are advised to visit

    About is a blog that provides tip on how entrepreneurs can increase web traffic. The company has their own Empower Network London UK team where they work directly with UK based bloggers to help them build a monthly residual income.

    Press Officer

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Quotes Auto Insurance


    Low Cost Auto Insurance

  , Save on Auto Insurance

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 09, 2012 ) Erlanger, KY -- Quotes Auto is a new online platform that offers something truly great to its customers: a way to compare auto insurance quotes online, in one place, without sales pressure or gimmicks to distract them during the process. The new site helps consumers stack up many different insurers against one another to locate the best possible deals for their money before they decide to commit to a policy.

    The thing that sets apart from many of the other online car insurance quote companies on the Internet today is the company’s understanding that far too many people either drive without insurance or choose not to drive at all because they are under the impression that car insurance would be too expensive for them. wants its customers to know that affordable rates are possible – even with a less-than-stellar driving record. Low rates are not reserved for those with simple liability-only policies. All levels of coverage are possible for a low rate.

    Quotes Auto wants drivers to know that there is a better way. The real-time quote service on the site is complemented perfectly with the slew of information, helpful guides, and other data available free on the site. In addition, there is no sales pressure from the site since it’s a neutral third party. Customers simply obtain a quote with the click of a mouse, and in seconds, they’re given a real-time quote and then put directly in contact with the insurer of their choice.

    This contact should not be confused for the pressure of a contract, however. If a customer chooses to walk away from Quotes Auto Insurance companies give her, that’s okay, too. That’s another key factor that sets apart from other car insurance rate comparison sites – there’s no pressure and there’s heaps of useful information directly at all the visitors’ fingertips. No hassle, no fuss. Just car insurance quotes and car insurance information. A revolutionarily simplistic idea.

    About Quotes Auto

    Quotes Auto ( is a new online company that works together with industry-leading auto insurers spanning the entire United States. quotesautoinsurance has a mission to present customers with the lowest quote possible in order to take care of their auto insurance needs. The company’s revolutionary quote platform enables consumers to assess many different auto insurers side-by-side in order to find the best low cost auto insurance. No matter where customers are located, they can enter a zip code and be on their way to a quick and easy quote.
    To find out more about Quotes Auto, visit the website. You can also contact the site administrators on the site as well.

    Gary Fowler

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 10, 2012 ) Chicago, IL -- The website has released important guidelines to help consumers looking for the best LED TV in the current market, saying there is never a simple answer when it comes to settling on the best LED TV among the many that are available today.

    The web masters, using an article named " (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 10, 2012 ) Chicago, IL -- The webs " point out to consumers that the choice of any good LED TV is largely dependent on the specific satisfaction that the consumer wants to derive from an LED TV. Of course budget is equally important and can never be ignored at any one time because it also determines the class of LED TV that an individual is able to acquire by purchasing.

    To address the unique needs of different consumers, Best LED TV Review has produced a list of guidelines that will help consumers make a choice between LCD, LED or even Plasma TV. They indicate that the technology behind Plasma is totally different from LCD technology while LED is some form of a sub-category that falls under LCD TVs ( The Best LED TV Review also points out that Plasma TVs are generally superior to LCD kind of TVs in a number of aspects. Several experts have for instance indicated that Plasma TVs are of a higher rank than LCD TVs especially in terms of 2D and 3D picture quality, refresh rate/flicker, and the pricing which depends on the modes.

    About Best LED TV Review
    Best LED TV Review is a TV review website that concentrates on high end TV reviews such as the LED TV review which gives detailed guidelines that provide value for consumers looking for the best LED TVs to purchase. The main aim of Best LED TV Review is to provide the kind of information that will assist consumers in making the best decisions whenever searching for the best TV brand to buy.

    Dwaine Hanes
    (217) - 356 - 6063

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Shelbyville Illinois

    Shelbyville Illinois

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 10, 2012 ) Shelbyville, IL -- Shelbyville Illinois has launched a tourism website aimed at improving awareness, promoting tourism and driving economic growth for the area.

    The website is a hub of information on the assets of the central Illinois community with an interactive design comprising more than 80 pages of thoughtfully crafted marketing content on everything Shelbyville IL has to offer. is designed to serve the needs of the local community and tourists to the Shelbyville Illinois and the Lake Shelbyville area. It meets the community’s MAPPING goals of promoting tourism, creating business, generating interest in and revitalizing the downtown, enriching the schools, and increasing volunteerism. MAPPING is an economic planning initiative, which took place about a year ago in conjunction with community leaders and consultants from Western Illinois University to determine future goals of the community.

    Brian Tucker, President of a global marketing and sales company SimplySell, with offices in Shelbyville and Chicago, had been approached by city officials and the newly dubbed MAPPING steering committee “Shelbyville Works!”, to create the website to showcase the city and surrounding Lake Shelbyville area. Since the community did not have an established web presence, SimplySell worked with the city officials to build a ground-up marketing strategy.

    “The community wanted a website, and what we delivered was a dynamic marketing tool that helps fulfill the town's MAPPING goals now and in the future,” said Brian Tucker, also a member of the Shelbyville community.

    Phase one of the strategy was putting Shelbyville in the social media space. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter were the tools used to drive awareness of Shelbyville and to encourage potential visitors and the community to interact.

    “From the minute we launched, the results were phenomenal. The YouTube videos generated an astounding 35,000 views in just 60 days,” said Mr. Tucker.

    With people eager to learn more about Shelbyville and what it has to offer, the next phase was to implement the online aspects of the marketing strategy.

    The result is a comprehensive website that offers a myriad of information in a user-friendly interactive design. Visitors can find everything they need to know and more under the tabs: Play, Stay, Shop, Eat, Live, Contact, and Blog.

    Visitors can also join the mailing list to stay updated with upcoming events, news and receive exclusive coupons for Shelbyville businesses and services. To meet the needs of today’s increasingly mobile-savvy consumers visiting the Lake Shelbyville area, the website is also optimized for smartphones.

    “We are excited about the opportunities the website provides and are already making plans for the next phase, which will include adding an in-depth history section about Shelbyville.”Tucker said.

    To learn more about the central Illinois community of Shelbyville, please visit


    Designed for visitors and locals alike, the website is a hub of information about Shelbyville, a thriving lake community that is home to Lake Shelbyville and Kaskaskia River in Illinois.

    Brian Tucker

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 10, 2012 ) Toulouse, Haute Garonne – Fans of Call of Duty, FIFA or Final Fantasy will no longer have to sigh for games they cannot afford, but are dying to play: makes it easier for gamers to get their hands on all the popular PS3 releases everyone is talking about, without paying anything. In short, all gamers have to do in order to get their favorite games for free is to sign up, complete various offers such as online surveys and exchange the points they obtain doing it for their preferred games.

    It’s not only simple, but also fun, according to’s representative:”These days, everyone is on the lookout for free gaming stuff, more so when it comes to popular PS3 releases everyone is raving about. Unlike other websites that offer freebies but make it especially difficult and tedious for users to download games, we prefer it simple and easy: sign up, complete the offers, earn points and exchange them for the games you love. It’s that simple and free”.

    Their selection of free PS3 games includes names from different genres, trying to meet the preferences and needs of fans of all ages and venues. For fans of war shooters, makes available the notorious Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a sequel of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that continues the story describing the US struggle to defeat an invasion by the Russian Federation. The COD: Black Ops, the seventh installment of the series, is also available for free download.

    Being able to get all the latest and popular games for free is, for fans from around the world, a huge advantage. Not only that but, according to the current offer on the’s website, fans can also win a free PS3 console, aside from the various games they can access. While some details apply, the offer is still quite generous and readily available for PS3 fans.

    “I’ve used a lot of freebies websites, and I can definitely say offers the easiest way to download popular video stuff. All I had to do is sign up, complete a few offers and simply exchange my points for the game I wanted. No hidden fees, no strings attached- just great PS3 free games”, says a satisfied user.

    Their rewards system is easy-to use and simple to understand. For more information about how it works or to access the full selection of PS3 games, please visit

    About makes it easier for PS3 fans to download the latest games after completing a few online surveys and other offers. They are constantly updating the games list with popular names from different genres and keep fans informed of the latest free downloads available on their website.

    Contact Information
    75 Rue de Bayard
    Toulouse, Haute Garonne 31300

    Mickael Keith
    077 3421 7041

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 11, 2012 ) Los Angeles, CA -- The webmaster at recently released the newest updates to their address book cleanup tool. Customers can now use the service to cleanup such address books as Outlook, Mac, Gmail, Google Apps and more.

    New to the service are several quick and easy measures to cleanup and backup a contact list. The tool removes all duplicate contacts and merges information when necessary. The algorithm that the tool uses has been tweaked to make it safer than ever to scan through hundreds of contacts in a short amount of time.

    To avoid any disasters, the tool also allows users to safely revert all the data back to its original condition at any point. This is great for those people who want to test drive the service first before running the risk of changing things too much for one’s liking.

    There are currently three plans on, ranging from free to $39.95/year. The sign up process is easy as well, and affiliates make money by helping spread the word about the service. The company also partners with many other useful sites, including

    For those looking to learn more about the service, visit

    About is a service that aims to help people keep control over their email and phone contacts. Users can “scrub” their accounts quickly and securely to make it much easier to use when you need the service most.

    Eric Fields
    (888) - 551 - 5452

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 11, 2012 ) Dallas, TX -- Tactical caps, military ball caps, and balaclavas are essential for protecting the head from all elements, including natural ones like the sun and rain. a recognized supplier of military boots also provides quality protection from the sun, rain and sweat with their stylishly and reasonably price headwear line. offer a complete headwear line for military, outdoorsmen, campers, law enforcement, and public safety. Their wide array of tactical caps, boonie hats, and even helmets all designed to provide maximum sun, rain and sweat protection but most importantly these products priced reasonably.

    "Our wide selection of headwear from tactical caps to protective headwear like helmets designed to provide maximum protection at all times, "says representative. "The headwear line of our company, were carefully chosen as we value our customers satisfaction very much."

    Consumers, especially those serving to protect liberty, freedom, and safety would find headwear line just perfect to keep them fully protected from the heat and glare of the sun, as well as other elements that could seriously caused them injuries.

    About is a leading supplier to the military, law enforcement, and other agencies in the U.S and other countries. is an online retail and wholesale store, providing high quality headwear such as tactical caps, balaclavas, and helmets at fair price. is one of the nation’s suppliers of military footwear, field gear, and headwear. They are committed to provide excellent service and outstanding products by ensuring that what they offer has undergone strict quality check. the online retail store of Armed Forces Merchandise Outlet, Inc. based in Richardson, Texas, offer valued products only.

    For further information on and their headwear line, just visit their website at or email them at

    Kirk Rovinsky
    (972) - 235 - 9781

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 11, 2012 ) Manchester, UK -- Manchester’s fastest-growing telemarketing company, Newton Fox Telemarketing, has launched an innovative service aimed at businesses keen to learn how to make effective sales calls and improve their telesales methods, and until November 1st 2012, the course is being offered free of charge.

    Newton Fox Telemarketing was launched in 2008 after owner Chris Newton failed to find a telemarketing company that delivered the quality service he was looking for. His DIY Telesales service enjoyed immediate success and he decided he could use his skills to help other businesses who were looking to improve their sales technique, but did not have the budget to outsource their sales calls.

    “After our telemarketing services took off, I began to think of ways I could help businesses improve their own sales techniques in way they could access easily and that was affordable. After all, not everyone can afford to pay for a professional telemarketing service" said Chris.

    “Following some initial research our unique DIY Telesales Course was developed to assist businesses in achieving their sales targets by enhancing their selling techniques.”

    The programme contains everything needed to set businesses on the road to selling success including advice on identifying target markets, formatting data, how to handle objections and writing e-shots; as well as writing the all-important sales script.

    “The course is aimed at anyone wanting to improve their telephone sales technique,” Chris continues. “However, it’s particularly useful for the complete novice or those who simply lack the confidence to pick up the phone and get selling.

    “Hopefully the DIY course will help them develop their skills and increase their confidence.”

    The course is available as a series of video tutorials which can be viewed on the Newton Fox Telemarketing website, and are also available on disc. Normally retailing for £247, for a limited time Chris's tips on DIY telesales can be obtained absolutely free of charge.

    About Newton Fox Telemarketing:

    Newton Fox Telemarketing was formed after founder Chris Newton failed to find a telemarketing service that met his needs. He set up the company initially as an additional department of his existing recruitment firm, but as the telemarketing service grew, it quickly overtook the recruitment provision and became the sole focus of the business. Newton Fox Telemarketing now offers telemarketing as well as additional services including direct mail campaigns, data cleansing, market research and surveys, data provision and social media marketing. For more information, please visit

    Chris Newton

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